Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Compliments and Similes

Today the second graders talked about a type of comparison called a simile.

Then, they gave each other compliments using similes. Here are some examples of compliments, from class 2-1:

"His height is as tall as a mountain."

"Your body is as thin as paper."

"Your eyes are as black as seaweed."

"Jessica's head is as small as a bird."

"Seewon studies like a machine."

"Laura is as cute as a puppy"

"His head runs like a computer."

"His tooth shines like a star."

And from class 2-2:

"Charlie's brain is as smart as a computer"

"Charlie's brain flows like a river."

"Dean looks like a lion."

"Kim Tae Hi looks like an angel."

"Ethan's eye is as big as a frog's."

"Ethan's muscle moves like a machine."

"Dong Won is as tall as a tree."

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