Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Second Grade: American Independence Day!

American Independence Day is on July 4 (this weekend). So today, second graders learned about the story and the words of the American national anthem (song). Vocabulary in the song includes "twilight," "dawn," and "brave."

Here is a video we watched in class. It is pop star Jordin Sparks singing the national anthem at the beginning of the Superbowl (American football championship game).

Then, we talked about some Fourth of July traditions in America, like going to a barbecue with family and friends, watching a parade during the day, and going to see fireworks at night.

Last, we talked about some American history trivia. For example, many students already knew that there are 50 stars on the flag because there are 50 states in America!

Here are the words to the American national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner":

Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup and "Waka Waka"

This week, students watched the video for "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" by Shakira.

This is the official song of World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Shakira is a singer and a dancer, and this video borrows some African dancing -- which many students practiced during class!

Students watched the video twice, listened to the words, and then described the video with answers to specific questions. Second graders also compared "Waka Waka" to "Wavin' Flag," another World Cup song that is very different. Many students thought that "Wavin' Flag" was a little dark and serious, while "Waka Waka" was colorful and joyful.

Here is "Waka Waka," by Shakira

Here is "Wavin' Flag," by K'Naan, featuring

Monday, June 7, 2010


Today, students learned about poetry, specifically about American poetry.
One definition of poetry is "The art of rhythmic literature, written or spoken."

We read and listened to three American poems:

"The Crocodile's Toothache" by Shel Silverstein (read that here, watch it here)

"The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe (read an e-book here, watch the Simpsons version there, read about Poe in Korean here)

"The Country" by Billy Collins (watch & listen to the animated poetry here)

Then students worked with a partner to create a rhyming couplet using two rhyming words.

Examples will be posted below!

Poetry Examples

Couplets from Class 1-1

Small Ball
by John & Alexander

His hand is too small,
to grip a soccer ball.

No Snow
by Jacob & Christopher

When I said "No"
Her heart was filled snow

Dress Yes
by Eileen & James
he asked "Do you like this dress?"
I said "I like this dress, yes"

Fat Cat
by Jason & Johnny

If you eat this cat,
you will be fat

Bed Head
by Sarah & Grace

If an ant invade to your head,
You should get rest in your bed.

Free Sea
by Brian & Yes

1. If I'm free,
I will go to sea

2. When I look at the sea
I feel free

Big Pig
by Kevin & David

Our farm is very big
And there is a pig

House Mouse
by Chris & Rebecca

If you don't clean your house,
There will be a mouse!

Long Song
by Justin & Charlie

I feel days are long
So I just sing a song

Poetry Examples

Couplets by Class 1-3
Voldemort & Brian:
"When I see a shore of sea
I think of my dreams and feel being free"

Ryan & Chris:
"If there is a pretty girl with Long hair
I will sing softly a love Song there"

Sirius & Arthur:
"I went to my bed,
I saw a ghost's head."

Joshua & Harry:
"The boy is very small,
And he looks like a ball.
That is all, please give him a call (010-2424-4442)"

Rika & Patrick:
"Give a fish to a Cat
If you wish him to be fat"

Arbiter, Danielle, & Katie:
"Let's wear a dress
And if you say "Yes,"
We will be in success"

Snape & Michael:
1. "I like my house
But there is a mouse"
2. "If there is a food in your house
There will be a mouse"

Eric & Hagrid:
"If you say "No"
It will be snow.

Poetry Examples

Couplets by Class 1-2
Jack & Jane:
"There are small poles
Put the balls into the holes"

Nicholas & Frank:
"I had sickness on my head,
So I went to my bed."

Michael & David:
"I went to the sea
I feel free"

Xander & Jacob:
"When I eat more and more fat,
I'm feeling that I be a cat"

Brandon & Ashuely:
"If I see a mouse,
Then I will sell the House"

Layton & Shay:
"If you say yes, I will give you a dress
Yes, I know your address,
So I deliver the dress"

Joel & Richard:
"There is a Pig
It is Big"