Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If You Made a Hypothetical...

Today's lesson was on making hypothetical sentences.
Video of the Day: "If I Had a Million Dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies (the video is here)
New Vocabulary: "mac and cheese," "fridge"

At the end of class, students answered the question "If you spoke English fluently, what would you do?"

- I would go to abroad and be a professor.

-If I spoke English fluently, I would speak English with Rain.

-I would go to Las Vegas and meet my elementary school friend.

-If I spoke English fluently, I would go America.

-If I spoke English fluently, I would write an article in The New York Times

-If I spoke English fluently, I would travel all around the world.

-If I spoke English fluently, I would be the CEO of the Microsoft

-If I spoke English well, I would to be 외교관 (a diplomat)

-If I spoke English fluently, I would make friends that graduated from Harvard.

-If I spoke English fluently, I would play English board games.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Would You Rather...

Today, our class learned an American game called "would you rather." In this game, students created and answered questions that compared two things.

Here are some examples that students created:

-You have a lot of homework. Would you rather do biology homework or do chemistry homework? (1.1)

-Would you rather marry beautiful woman and poor or ugly woman and rich? (1.1)

-Would you rather choose BMW or Benz? (1.1)

-Would you rather have cell phone or notebook computer in dormitory? (1.1)

-Would you rather go to Seoul University or KAIST? (1.1)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1-1 Students' Thoughts About the Commercial Project

After filming, students wrote a few sentences about their experiences. Students could write anything, even if they did not like the project, as long as they wrote 3 complete sentences about the project. Here are their anonymous thoughts:

-I had some fun. I want the commercial file we made. I'm sorry for some mistakes I made (while making commercial)

-I'm very sad. Because our team's commercer is bad. I want to replay.

-We have some problem. For example, background music have problem. I want to again this active.

-I think this project is pretty funny if we had enough time (but it doesn't mean that it isn't funny). I'm sorry to ended up this project this way. It's too clumsy. In the end, this project was interesting.

-It's fun, but there is not enough tool. So it was difficult. May I have a chance, I want to make it again.

1-2 Students' Thoughts About the Commercial Project

After filming, students wrote a few sentences about their experiences.  Students could write anything, even if they did not like the project, as long as they wrote 3 complete sentences about the project.  Here are their thoughts:

Class 1-2:

-In the class, we made a commercial advertisement.  It took many time, but it was joyful.

-Our midterm exam is next week and I didn't study for the test a lot, so I had no time prepare for this.  I think I could do better if I take more time writing script and talking with friends.

-This exercise is very fun.  We used 3 times, but it is little time (it's my think).  By the way, I hope next exercise will fun, too.

-It was enjoy to me.  I learned very many things.  It was special experience.

-I cannot wait for seeing our ad!  It was so valuable time.  During the time we make the video, I feel that I was so excited.  I'll practice more and more (speaking English) I believe that I can get more fluent speaking skill after the effort.

-We haven't made these commercials before.  But we are satisfied with our commercial.  We felt partnership from making our commercial.

-I don't know that it's good time for us.  I'm not sure to enjoy this.  It makes someone happy but others gloomy.  Anyway, I did my best.  It's over and that's the end.

-It was funny.  The time went fast.  It's very expected class.

-I want to react this commercial.  Although this exercise need a lot of time, it was so fun.  It was so fun and interesting class.

-We did everything we could.  I feel regret at our commercial.  But, I don't think we failed.

-It's a good chance to raise our expression ability.  I can find unique talent about my friends.  It's difficult, but I expect next class.

-We made a commercial movie.  At first, I think it's very hard.  But we finish it, and it was interesting.

-I want to watch the ads.  It was really terrible.  I'm so sad.  ㅠㅠ I feel regret at our commercial.

-I make my commercial first.  This is very interesting.  If I have a chance, I'll try it again.

-Daniel's song is very nice.  And I realized making commercial is very hard.  Although it is funny!

-Um...first, we didn't practice it for much time, so it didn't go well.  But it was so valuable that we could check our pronunciation, accent, and so on.  Also, we made our own commercial!  Anyway, it was funny and I'm proud of it.  Thanks.

-Everybody is funny.  One of the best commercials is E team's commercial.  Because I could understand the commercial well.

-I don't like to uproad (because our commercial isn't finished).  It's very creative work, I want to make it again.

-Actually, our commercial wasn't finished.  We didn't have time to practice it because of mid-term exam.  I hoped to film again, but never mind.  My teammates need lots of time to study.

-There were so many things I laughed.  Making these commercials, we thought a lot of funny things.  I want to make a movie next time.

Thanks, 1-2, for your great comments!


For the past week, the CSHS first-graders have been working hard to make commercials.  First, we learned about American commercials and the special commercials that show during the Superbowl.  Then we watched some examples of commercials that became included in American popular culture, like the 1994 Budweiser "wussup" ads, the Geico gecko, and Britney Spears' ads for Pepsi soda.
Students learned vocabulary words like "product," "spokesperson," "slogan," and "target audience."

On Wednesday, students used what they learned about commercials to write a script for their own commercial.  They were given a product, a company, and a problem.  Students had to choose a spokesperson, create their own slogan, add something special to get attention, and write a script.

Today, we filmed those commercials.  They were all great!  The students wrote funny and creative scripts.  This week, I will edit the videos and post them here.

Monday, September 21, 2009


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