Thursday, September 24, 2009

1-1 Students' Thoughts About the Commercial Project

After filming, students wrote a few sentences about their experiences. Students could write anything, even if they did not like the project, as long as they wrote 3 complete sentences about the project. Here are their anonymous thoughts:

-I had some fun. I want the commercial file we made. I'm sorry for some mistakes I made (while making commercial)

-I'm very sad. Because our team's commercer is bad. I want to replay.

-We have some problem. For example, background music have problem. I want to again this active.

-I think this project is pretty funny if we had enough time (but it doesn't mean that it isn't funny). I'm sorry to ended up this project this way. It's too clumsy. In the end, this project was interesting.

-It's fun, but there is not enough tool. So it was difficult. May I have a chance, I want to make it again.

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