Thursday, September 24, 2009


For the past week, the CSHS first-graders have been working hard to make commercials.  First, we learned about American commercials and the special commercials that show during the Superbowl.  Then we watched some examples of commercials that became included in American popular culture, like the 1994 Budweiser "wussup" ads, the Geico gecko, and Britney Spears' ads for Pepsi soda.
Students learned vocabulary words like "product," "spokesperson," "slogan," and "target audience."

On Wednesday, students used what they learned about commercials to write a script for their own commercial.  They were given a product, a company, and a problem.  Students had to choose a spokesperson, create their own slogan, add something special to get attention, and write a script.

Today, we filmed those commercials.  They were all great!  The students wrote funny and creative scripts.  This week, I will edit the videos and post them here.

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