Monday, June 7, 2010

Poetry Examples

Couplets by Class 1-3
Voldemort & Brian:
"When I see a shore of sea
I think of my dreams and feel being free"

Ryan & Chris:
"If there is a pretty girl with Long hair
I will sing softly a love Song there"

Sirius & Arthur:
"I went to my bed,
I saw a ghost's head."

Joshua & Harry:
"The boy is very small,
And he looks like a ball.
That is all, please give him a call (010-2424-4442)"

Rika & Patrick:
"Give a fish to a Cat
If you wish him to be fat"

Arbiter, Danielle, & Katie:
"Let's wear a dress
And if you say "Yes,"
We will be in success"

Snape & Michael:
1. "I like my house
But there is a mouse"
2. "If there is a food in your house
There will be a mouse"

Eric & Hagrid:
"If you say "No"
It will be snow.

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