Monday, June 7, 2010

Poetry Examples

Couplets from Class 1-1

Small Ball
by John & Alexander

His hand is too small,
to grip a soccer ball.

No Snow
by Jacob & Christopher

When I said "No"
Her heart was filled snow

Dress Yes
by Eileen & James
he asked "Do you like this dress?"
I said "I like this dress, yes"

Fat Cat
by Jason & Johnny

If you eat this cat,
you will be fat

Bed Head
by Sarah & Grace

If an ant invade to your head,
You should get rest in your bed.

Free Sea
by Brian & Yes

1. If I'm free,
I will go to sea

2. When I look at the sea
I feel free

Big Pig
by Kevin & David

Our farm is very big
And there is a pig

House Mouse
by Chris & Rebecca

If you don't clean your house,
There will be a mouse!

Long Song
by Justin & Charlie

I feel days are long
So I just sing a song

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