Monday, May 30, 2011

Couplets 2011

Here are some couplets written by class 1-3 today:

    Seven Heaven
by Jane & Daniel
The boy was only seven,
Then he went to heaven.

     Free Sea
by 김현수 (Jason) & 권수연 (Alisa)
At the time I saw the sea
I felt to be free

     Small Ball
by 이녕우 (Alexander) & Chae Hyunsu
I popped the ball
It is now small

     Long Song
by Finn & Danielle
Keven sings a terrible song
That is terribly long

      Cat Fat
by Eric & Henry
If I eat a cat
Then I will be fat.

      Big Pig
by Bill "Tall Bill" Hwang & Kevin
If you are big
I call you pig

   Bed Head
by Bill "Just Bill" Oh & Diana
lying on the bed
Still complicated in my head.

   White Light
by 최재호 (Jason) & 이설의 (Mary)
Your hair is white
Your body is light

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